“You don’t look gay.”

Being gay doesn’t define my life. It’s just something that I am. I stopped focusing so much on it when I learned to accept myself. I dislike comments such as “you don’t look gay”. What exactly does that mean? It’s the same simple way of thinking as “you talk like a white person”. A lack of diversity and education is the root of these type of comments.

 People never initially assume that I’m gay because they have painted an image in their head of what a gay person looks like. Honestly gay people are just as guilty of these same cliche stereotypes. When I came out in high school, other lesbian females gave me a hard time because I didn’t fit the “look”. I’m not a “stud” but my personality is not one of a “fem” and I do not date women that wear men’s clothing. My pants have and will always be snug fit, and I have no problem throwing on a pair of heels when needed. Now maybe they were just hating hoping their girlfriends weren’t interested; but I thinks it’s an issue of people have a hard time understanding something they have never seen or isn’t considered of the norm.

 I’ve honestly never really fit in the lesbian community and majority of my friends are straight. I just live my life. I date women. However when you initially look at me I just want to been seen as a person nothing more nothing less. 

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