“You just haven’t been with the RIGHT ONE yet.”

It’s kind of hard to find something you’re not looking for, right?  For a man to think just because he’s attracted to you that he can have you is crazy. It’s something about a straight man’s ego that makes him cringe at the thought of you, as someone that he wants, is not in the least bit interested in him. Now, after you tell him that you’re not interested in men or you have a girlfriend he says one out of three things: he likes girls too and asks to join, you haven’t been with the right man yet, or you can’t possibly know you’re gay if you’ve never had sex with a man. All of these are results of a man’s sense of entitlement to control a woman’s sexuality. In a lot of straight males’ minds, that’s their validation. Not having that validation often makes them feel slighted! Asking any woman to join is disrespectful. Telling a woman that she hasn’t been with the right one yet is very rude being you don’t know what has brought that woman to her personal sexual preference. Maybe that woman was raped or molested by a man and does not feel comfortable with men. In my case, I’ve never been attracted to men so I’ve never wasted time being sexually involved with them. As for men saying you don’t know you’re gay if you haven’t “been with a man” it warrants my personal response of “If that’s the case you should try being with a man”. A woman does not need to try something she has no interest in to know she’s not interested. If a woman is gay she has been with the “right one” or a few of the “right ones”, but a man does not equate to the “right one”. Preference is preference and if you’re not it then just respect that and move on.

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