“Lesbian couples are emotionally unstable”

This is a common stereotype – even within our own community. Many people say that women are generally “emotional creatures”. But to me that usually has a negative connotation because it’s connected to women being labeled as the “weaker” sex just because we have a tendency to actually show our feelings. Based on that logic, there is an expectation that two females in a relationship should be “overly” emotional. If that’s true, then does it not then also make sense that these types of relationships should be more emotionally aware? The answer is “No.”

You can never be sure, just based on the genders of the people in a relationship, how emotionally stable it will be. It would be nice as a lesbian woman to have the security of knowing that every woman that I date will be emotionally mature but the truth is, just like many things, emotional maturity has everything to do with a person’s personal journey, mental health, and spiritual health. We hear so many jokes about lesbians falling in love “too fast” – to the point that ‘Uhauling’ has become a term used to describe it. It has become so normalized within the lesbian population that most of us feel as though it is expected or even a rite of passage. On some level the clichés or stereotypes that society places onto different groups of people become internalized and this one is no different but it is just as damaging.

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