“Studs want to be men.”

As a proud lesbian I hear this ALL THE TIME and it is extremely annoying. Yes, we wear men’s underwear from time to time. Why? Because they’re comfortable. Yes the clothes that we wear are more “masculine” then most girls. Why? Because that’s what we want to wear. Its not rocket science. When we take our lady out,  9/10 we pick up the tab. Why? Because that just our personality. From time to time we use a strap in the bedroom. Why? Because sex is all about pleasure, period. All of these things that we do are, in fact, more “relative” to the masculine-side, but that doesn’t mean we want to be a guy.

Do you know how annoying it is to walk into the women restroom and have everyone looking at you like you’re in the wrong place, like REALLY?! So you think that we just bypassed the big ass WOMEN’S sign to fuck with y’all? As much as we may want to piss standing up, as convenient as it may be – it just doesn’t work like that! Its really hard to do! Ask any Dom/Stud (trust me we all have tried.) Most Dom/Studs that I know love everything about being a woman (minus the 6 inch stilettos and Sephora cosmetics – even though when we do beat our face we slay the Gods. Its just not for everyone.)

People think that clothes define your sexuality, dressing masculine doesn’t make you a man, just like skirts and dresses don’t make you a woman is just clothes it’s just the surface. We dress, walk and talk in the ways that makes us feel most comfortable period.

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