“I always knew.”

Sexuality was, and still is, a journey for me. LGBTQ people are frequently asked “When did you know” or “how long have you known”. That’s not only a very personal question, but, for many, a difficult one to answer. Partially because I think how we respond can feel connected to the “legitimacy” of our sexuality. But also, because it can be difficult to define when that “aha!” moment happened. I have memories of looking at women and thinking they were beautiful from a very young age – but I also didn’t have a grasp on what that meant. Was I looking at her butt because it’s a nice butt (#buttgoals) or was I turned on by it? Most women (and men) can appreciate the attractiveness of another person (specifically, of the same sex) without being “attracted to” them. So by that logic, yes – “I always knew” I had the attraction. But I didn’t completely understand what it was until I was a little older.

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